"Tamara has a keen attention to detail that makes her an invaluable editor. I couldn't live without her!"
-Laurelin Paige, NYT/USA Today Bestselling Author of the FIXED trilogy

"Not only does Tamara catch all my crazy mistakes, she's enthusiastic about her work. I love getting her notes in the margins."
-Gennifer Albin, NYT/USA Today Bestselling Author of the Good Girls Don't series

 "I am incredibly picky about editing, and when I made the decision to self-publish I was terrified I wouldn't find an editor I could afford who held the same high standards I do--I was wrong. Tamara is not only a pro at polishing copy, but she has a fantastic ear for rhythm. While she's quick with a compliment, she'll also give it to you straight when something needs to be expanded, cut or revamped--and some of her comments make me laugh out loud. I wouldn't trust my books to anyone else!"
-Melanie Harlow, USA Today Bestselling Author of Frenched

"Tamara's eagle eye keeps my manuscripts clean and me on my toes. Her witty margin comments turn the editing process from painful to fun. Finding a thorough, professional [proofreader/editor] is no small task, and that's why Tamara is a valuable part of my team."
-Jessica Hawkins, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Tamara was a lifesaver in finding mistakes that slipped through my manuscript, even after being professionally edited elsewhere. She saved me a lot of embarrassment over mistakes and formatting issues in my finished novel. I highly recommend her editing services."
-Elizabeth Otto, Author of Tempting The Cowboy